Brushless Motors

For highest power density and efficiency Slotless Brushless motors (housed and frameless, up to 200,000 rpm, up to 95% efficiency, available in Sensorless, hall, encoder commutation, or integral electronics, vacuum and autoclavable versions), Brushless ironless motors (including flywheel energy storage motors), High efficiency digital, analog, or stand alone Brushless Hall and Sensorless Drives, Motors for Aerospace, UAV, Military Robots, surgical and dental tools, VAD, Brushless Generators, "AC brushless motors", permanent magnet synchronous motors, contact factory at and provide details about your application so that we can provide the best solution. All Koford products are made in the USA.

High performance Hall and Sensorless drives for brushless motors


High performance generators and diode boards (housed and frameless, up to 400,000 rpm, up to 95% efficiency) for UAV electric power generation, turbogenerators, EMP/EMI power isolation and other applications.

Epoxy adhesives and potting compounds

Electromechanical components